It’s been an incredibly exciting few weeks for Jason as he’s assisted at many shows during London Fashion Week SS13 shows and then quickly jetted off to Italy for Milan Fashion Week.

We caught up with him briefly before he left for Milan to tell us what he’d been up to shortly after Edinburgh International Fashion Festival down in London!

Maria Grachvogel hair by Frederico Ghezzi for L’Oreal Professional
Hair was an inverted pleat down each side of the  head and both pleats became one pleat at back. Front and sides of hair where then heavily gelled and middle of head was gently fluffed up
Ktz  hair by Tomo  for L’Oreal Professional
Extensions where put in back of hair so all models hair was exceptionally long then front and sides where saturated in gel and combed back and behind ears to sit in tight and the nape of the neck
Ashley Isham hair by Charlie le Mindu  for L’Oreal Professional
Front section was split in 2 tonged and secured sides and back where gently back combed brushed back and a roll was formed at nape of neck.  Then front sections where released back combed and dressed into a soft wave and secured
Preen hair by Paul Hanlon  for L’Oreal Professional
A rough centre parting was taken and roots of section from ear to parting were soaked in mouse. These sections where then blow dried flat back of hair was softly and loosely tonged and fingers where then taken through the back
Peter Pilotto hair by Anthony Turner  for L’Oreal Professional
Hair was blow dried with lots and lots of mouse. Put in a gentle middle parting and lightly back brushed at sides. Then hair was brought back into a loose ponytail with the hair still covering the ears. Finally ponytail was gently back brushed and sprayed with hairspray.

So – now we wait to hear what happened in Milan!

About jasonhallhairdressing

Award winning Hair Design, Edinburgh
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